Tuesday, July 04, 2006


As we are handing over many of the flight program responsibilities to Jason and Jen, we are finding that our lives are beginning to find a new kind of "normal". Garry is doing very little flying these days so he has more time to do other things. He still gets up around 4:30 or so and on flight days goes to the hangar to help Jason get loaded and ready for his flight. Then once Jason is in the air Garry comes home to work in the office for several hours. If there is no flight on a given day Garry spends time in the office first thing in the morning.

Once his brain is fried from office work he heads back to the hangar to help Jason get unloaded and finish up from the flight. While there he spends time working on getting things in the hangar set up. Our desire is to finish all the set-up work of the program here in Palawan-- see the hangar well-organized, a permanent fueling system set up, fueling steps and shelves in place and ready for use, etc.

Meanwhile, the boys and I try to get started on school first thing in the morning. When school is finished the boys work on one of their many projects or interests-- drawing, reading, basketball, research, etc. While they pursue those things I usually try to accomplish some office work. Lately we've had a bit of company coming and going from the house, which has kept life interesting.

As we move into a role that is further from the daily "running" of the flight program, we have more control over our schedules. It's a good change as it it moving us forward toward Jason and Jen taking over here and allowing us to move on!

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Big Mama said...

Hello from Canada! I enjoy reading your blog. It is such a neat idea and communicates with us, getting us the information we need to remind us to keep praying for you. "Tante" ramona