Monday, February 12, 2007

Good morning! Well, actually it's almost afternoon! We had a wonderful day with my brother and his family yesterday. The younger ones enjoyed a little "swimming" in a blow-up pool yesterday and we adults mostly just talked... and talked, and talked! It's so much fun to see them again! And their kids are adorable... Elena almost fell asleep on her plate at dinner, and Emmanuel wasn't far behind. We did eat at 6 PM, but guess that is 4 AM where they're from. Wow! Poor thing...

Today Garry is back in the air. We are enjoying a game of Risk and watching the kids be inventive and have fun! We're having company for lunch and then hoping for a relaxing afternoon! Tomorrow we're off to visit some of our friends in remote locations. Although Garry has been everywhere, the rest of our family hasn't spent much time in the locations.

Family is a blessing from God, a tie that doesn't end. If your family is close by, count your blessings! If they are far away, say a special prayer for them today and try to stay in touch-- it's worth it!

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