Monday, February 19, 2007

We finished the week with my brother and his family with more excitement and learning! When we went to visit the tribal locations we were a pretty full plane-- if Garry wasn't the pilot we'd have had to leave someone home!

On Sunday we spent the afternoon at the beach, enjoying the sand, sun, and waves. Thankfully the waves were about right for the younger kids! We adults also caught a few good waves on boogie boards-- how fun!

That evening we went to a pretty restaurant in town that is out over the ocean. It was a fun time and the food was great, but the wait was a little long- over an hour!

The next day my brother and his family came for breakfast before we took them to the airport. When they checked in they found out the flight had been delayed 3 hours, so we got an extra table game in and had lunch together before they actually had to go!

God has a way of keeping us dependent on Him and aware of our need of Him every hour, every day. While we were visiting friends we got to talking about malaria. Garry hasn't been feeling the best for quite a while, andwe soon realized that malaria has been his problem. He took one kind of medicine that didn't work, and he is now trying a stronger medication. Please pray with us that this medication works and that the many side-effects will quickly go away when he's finished with the treatment. Last night I got a bad flu or food poisoning, so we've been a very quiet household today!

Friday some new friends from Arizona plan to arrive to help on some work on the airplane. Garry also has several flight scheduled in the next few days, so it doesn't seem an ideal time to be sick, if there is such a thing!

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