Monday, February 26, 2007

We've had an interesting day here at our house... Garry went to several locations this morning, picking up passengers and brining them back "home". The visitors had a lovely time in the remote location!

Jason has been hard at work in the hangar and has accomplished a lot! Jonie came to our house and has been helping me in the office and with the boys. It's been fun to have some time together, and I am so thankful for her help. I think in the next few weeks we may see the bottom of my office pile! I would be incredibly thankful!

The boys did a great job on their school this morning and have been busy with different projects. Kevin is keeping up with his garden and got some pineapple plants to plant today. This is him with the boys that have helped him move a lot of dirt! Kaleb is building another kite, this one with a great tail on it-- I expect it to fly!

Neva went home today-- in the airplane! She was pretty excited, and a bit nervous about her first ride in the airplane. I'm interested to hear her thoughts when she gets home in a couple of days. Belle is one busy lady in the house right now, but she does a great job!

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