Sunday, February 04, 2007

The past few days have been crazy, so it's taken me a while to get back to my story! On the way to take Garry to the airport the next morning we made a quick stop at the hospital to check on the patient and make sure it would be OK for Garry to make his trip. She was beginning to regain consciousness, which was a good sign, so Garry headed to Manila.

Once in Manila Garry headed to the medical part of the aviation offices. When he was almost finished with what he needed to do, he was told the last doctor he needed to see wouldn't be in her office until Monday-- how would this one work out?! Very unexpectedly, he later found out that she was going to stop by the office for a few minutes later in the afternoon, though not to see patients. Garry sat in the office for several hours until she came, and was glad that she took care of him that afternoon! Not to mention the boys and I, who were thrilled that he would come home as planned!

On Friday Garry was able to spend time with a few different people, discussing business and being encouraged in what God is doing here in the Philippines and in the lives of people. Saturday he was home again, rather against all odds!

While Garry was gone the boys and I enjoyed an afternoon at the orphanage we mentioned before. We also played some badminton, read books, and played some board games. I didn't, however, get a lot of office work done!

Saturday was my birthday and I thought I'd post a few photos... I'm trying to teach these men how to use the camera! The best thing about my birthday was having Garry home... and I got very spoiled by all three of my men!

Maybe tomorrow I'll get back here to let you know what's happening with the patient Garry brought out and what is happening this week...

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