Monday, February 26, 2007

Good morning... actually, the morning is nearly gone already! Garry is flying again today, so the morning has been full of interruptions and interesting changes:). He will be back home in time to join us and our company for lunch-- today we're having lechon manok, a Filipino favorite. It is chicken seasoned nicely and cooked on a spit. We buy it from a little stand beside the road, then add some veggies and rice to make a meal.

Yesterday we had an interesting experience when we got a visit from a community health care worker. She was handing out pills for lymphatic filariasis, something that apparently is on the rise here in Palawan. The plan seems to be to eradicate the sickness by "vaccinating" against it. She provided some good information as well as the medication. I was thankful for Jonie's presence as she is an RN and looked it up for us on the web!

I felt for the lady who is visiting 300 homes, carrying her young baby with her. The baby was fast asleep while she was here, and both were sweating-- yet she seemed thrilled to have this job!

Kevin's garden is looking great! He spent hours mixing common dirt with different things to give the soil nutritional value and a proper PH before filling his raised bed. We still have some dirt and sand in the driveway, and the bed is full. We're looking forward to more fresh stuff soon!

Blessings to each of you today!

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