Thursday, March 08, 2007

Good morning! Thanks so much for your many prayers on our behaf! Garry is feeling somewhat better, though still not quite his normal self. The rest of us seem to have kicked our colds and flu and life is feeling a bit more "average", which is a wonderful thing!

I haven't posted for quite some time becuase it's been so busy-- a great kind of busy! Jason and Jonie have been helping us with a big maintenance project on the airplane (that would be the guys!) and office work (that would be us women). We have gotten an incredible amount of stuff accomplished. I am particularly encouraged by some of the Excel things Jonie has done for me that will save me time every month! She has also done hours of data entry and hours of looking up information on the web, things I don't know when I would have ever accomplished!

In between other things we have been asking God to work out the details of a visit from our headquarters in April. We're looking forward to this time that we have set aside for strategic planning. The details of our time have been a bit fuzzy, but God is bringing things into focus and organizing what needs done in an amazing way!

In the past couple of weeks we've also added a new family to our team-- Todd and Julie are in Manila and beginning language study! We are hoping to see them soon, but the details aren't arranged yet. We know them from McNeal and are thrilled that we get to work together again!

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