Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another new week, promising to be full of joy, challenges, and opportunities! Kaleb was up in the middle of the night for no reason, unable to sleep. Since Garry was also awake for several hours, they had a nice visit last night... that's what they say, anyway-- I was sound asleep, thankfully!

The boys and I started the morning off with a Tagalog lesson, something we've been wanting to start again for a while. Then it was on to math, writing, and reading. What fun to see them learn and grow in different areas! The more academic part of school is finished now, and they are busy at projects of their own invention. I made a menu for the week and passed it on to Belle, who's making a shopping list. Neva is taking care of the young man who delivers purified water to our house. I'm hoping to conquer some of the office work that piled up while we were gone.

Some guys should be going to the hangar this afternoon to help weigh the airplane. Kevin is planning a badminton lesson for this afternoon, and I'm getting together with some friends to pray.

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