Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good morning! While you are still enjoying the tail-end of your weekend, we are deep into Monday morning! Garry had an early flight this morning, bringing out a work team from a location to the north of us. He was in the air early enough to be back before the jet landed and made it impossible for him to taxi back to our hangar. Now he's off for the second load of people. It would be fun to have dinner with these folks and hear what they have learned and experienced in the past 2 weeks, though I'm not sure if that will be possible or not!

I really should post a few more photos of airplanes and the incredible variety of things Garry does at the hangar, but I haven't taken pictures of that yet. So, you'll just have to believe me that his life is actually very exciting and varied... and I will try to get some pictures.

For now, a few more shots from home... I thought you might like to see Kody, short for Kodiak (named after the new airplanes NTMA is moving toward). She's a great watchdog only because her size frightens people-- she is incredibly friendly!

I am by the radio and enjoyed a nice phone call with a friend this morning. We've also almost completed school for the day, and I've taken care of a few office details. The girls are busy making chicken taco filling, which smells wonderful already.

Kevin's garden is growing, slowly but surely. Actually, this isn't his garden, but some nice tropical fruit he's also nurturing:). Bananas reproduce so rapidly here that they are almost a weed-- the trick is cutting down or moving enough new shoots that at least one tree can grow and produce fruit. Did you know that a banana tree only produces one stalk of bananas, then it has to be cut down-- or used for aesthetics only?!

Kaleb is getting drawing lessons from a friend-of-a-friend, who is quickly becoming our friend as well. He enjoyed doing a project this weekend where he cut out and colored different things to paste together on a large sheet of cardboard. It made a very fun picture!

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