Saturday, March 24, 2007

I thought I'd post a few more pictures from our days away... it was so refreshing and so incredibly different than anything we usually do!

Any idea what this fruit is? We found it growing aloing the beach and thought it was pretty neat. We haven't seen this plant before, and we'd love to know what it is and whether it's edible. My housegirls say that the stems are used for braiding something. Our first thought was that it looked a bit like pineapple growing from a tree... but then we got closer to it!

Coming home has also been great-- Garry was back at the hangar yesterday and got a lot accomplished on the airplane. I think his next project is to weigh it.

Garry and I had a great walk around our neighborhood this morning. We love walking because it's a great time to talk-- no interruptions and a little exercise! The boys have been busy drawing today and making their own drawing books, complete with home-made binding.

Later we'll listen to a tape, I think, and have a relaxing evening. It is a privilege to be servants of the Most High, enjoying His grace and always amazed at His bountiful suppply and incredible love!

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