Saturday, March 17, 2007

These are our friends who were just here! They took some great photos, so we thought we'd pass some of them on to you:). It's always fun to get a different view of what has all-to-quickly become normal to us! Here they are in the garden area of our favorite coffee shop-- it's also the only one in town!

This is the airplane that Garry is currently flying. It needs to go down for some major maintenance as soon as possible. In fact, if you'd like to help get it back in the air or help this flight program with other ongoing expenses, we can tell you how!

This is the airplane Jason and Jonie came to help get back in the air! They installed wingtips to increase its effectiveness here and did some other projects that needed done after 3 years of sitting in a salty environment. Jason got a lot done while he was here, but there is still a bit of work to do before it's back in the air again.

And these are some of my favorite flowers-- they are just beautiful right now! A good reminder to bloom where we're planted to enjoy the beauty and grace that surround us!

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