Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ever wonder how you weigh an airplane? This is how it's done on a Cessna 185-- tail lifted high and front wheels sitting on special scales. What do the numbers on the scales mean? Well, that one is beyond me! But the airplane weighs just over 1 ton, and Kaleb says that sounds WAY too heavy to fly!

Some days just begin out-of-wack. Such was my Tuesday... One of the first things I needed to do was give my girl cash to go buy lettuce, so I spent about half an hour looking for a key to get cash. Finding none, I texted Garry, talked to Kevin, and looked again. I did finally find the key... in my pocket! Much to my surprise, Neva came in and told me she already had cash anyway-- I didn't need the key.

From there I went to the kitchen and found our chicken soup for lunch on the stove. I was just a little annoyed that I hadn't seen it the night before, because by now it was surely spoiled! So, hoping to make the best of a bad situation, I fed half the soup to my dog, figuring that she would still be fine. However, the girls arrived home just after that and informed me the soup HAD been refrigerated and had only been taken out of the fridge in the morning! Oh, well, Kody had a great breakfast!

In the meantime I'd also texted the girls and told them to buy bread for sandwiches for lunch, since I thought the soup had spoiled. The bread did arrive in time for lunch, but after I'd made a picnic lunch and taken it to the hangar we tasted the bread, only to find it was old. Oh, well, a chewy sandwhich isn't the worst thing that can happen to one!

Such was the beginning of my Tuesday, followed by a splitting headache and at least three tries to order some school books for Kaleb. Some days you have to either laugh or cry:)!

Today has begun quite a bit better than that! Garry's deep into paperwork and I am doing school with the boys-- well, right now I'm taking a break and writing a quick blog!

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