Friday, March 09, 2007

Another new day. More mercy. More grace. More reasons to be thankful and more opportunities to pray. What a blessing to serve the King of Kings, to daily be about His business! And He has not reserved it for a privileged few, but has offered Himself to all of us!

Today Garry is back in the air again... heading south to one of our locations with a teen home for a week of break from boarding school and Jason and Jonie. I'm interested to hear what Jason and Jonie think of their time in this location as this is their first time to see a tribal location. We are so glad they have this opportunity!

I'm trying to finish some work on the financial side of the flight program and the boys are working on projects. Kevin arranged his desk with some cool things under a new piece of glass. They both built another kite... though Kaleb is the one who has spent more time in the kite industry. Kevin is making a top out of hard wood, using his "bolo" (a large knife or machete). He's made several already, and they spin amazingly well.

I think the girls who help me are glad for a quiet day after lots of company and lots of cooking:). Yesterday we made a picnic lunch to send to the tribe, so there isn't a lot to do today. They'll be thrilled to go home early:)!

Enjoy the journey-- this moment is all we'll ever have!

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