Friday, February 02, 2007

Some things become rather routine in our lives, and sometimes things happen that are totally new-- like yesterday's adventure! We had a plenty interesting morning getting Garry ready to leave and taking him to the airport. We'd just arrived home when we got a text that Garry was checked in and enjoying reading a book-- what a nice feeling! Not 5 minutes later we got another call-- the patient who had been out for help had arrived home and collapsed. The missionaries were asking for an emergency flight to take her to a larger town. Garry checked with the airline, asked for his suitcase to be returned to him and headed to the hangar to get ready to make a flight the other direction!

Soon he was in the air, heading south to pick up a very sick lady. He arrived at his destination, loaded the patient and those accompanying here, and brought them back to town where she is receiving excellent medical care. Unfortunately, she is very, very sick and the doctors have been unable to diagnose her illness. Pray for "Lube" as she comes to mind.

As we've been passing messages via radio to the missionaries still in a remote location we've learned many things. Like the fact that if you need blood here, you may have to find your own donors. While the blood bank has a list of potential donors and blood types, it is your job to contact these people and arrange for them to give blood. Once blood has been donated it is also your job to pick it up and transport it to the hospital. The generosity of folks on the blood donor list and slight acquaintances has been amazing!

We spent a while this afternoon at the travel agency, arranging tickets for Garry to try to get to Manila tomorrow. What story will next unfold?!

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