Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good evening! Actually, it's past my bedtime, but I thought I'd write quick blog now that the house is quiet! Garry is still in Manila... his flight to the other island was canceled yesterday and again today. There was a problem with weather, and then the airlines had to cancel the flights because they needed their equipment elsewhere.

Tomorrow Garry and Paul will head back to the airport for the third day in a row! This morning they were there at 5:30 am and were pursuing options until around 1 pm. We are incredibly thankful for our guest home personnel in Manila who have made them feel welcome much longer than they anticipated being there! Tomorrow morning they'll head for the airport at 3:30 a.m. and we pray they make it to their intended destination this time! Pray with us that God will work out all the details as they had a busy 4 days planned on the other island and two of those days are already gone!

The boys and I enjoyed a day at home today. My helper has a sore neck and arm and didn't come today, so we enjoyed having the house to ourselves. The missionary story we're reading these days is really inspiring and the boys are doing a great job at school. Kaleb worked a bit with watercolors today and tried to build a paper rocket (we don't have the proper paper, so he'll try that again after we get to the store!). He's also been building some impressive forts with Lincoln Logs, but the pictures didn't turn out... maybe tomorrow!

Kevin spent hours in his garden, planting peanuts and transplanting green peppers and chives. His lettuce is doing incredibly well this time around... he's had a lot of starts, but he hasn't gotten much of a harvest until this time. The bugs are really enjoying his cucumbers, unfortunately. I suppose it's one of the hazards of organic gardening. Someone said that if you catch the bugs and mash them and put them back on the plants it will deter their relatives... but somehow he hasn't gotten that adept at bug-catching!

Our partners from Luzon arrived today! I'm looking forward to some time with them tomorrow. They are taking over a fair amount of the office work that I've been doing, for which I am very thankful! Yesterday the boys and I spent several hours with Suzy and their kids. It was good to touch base again and to talk through some things about the flight program and life here.

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P_M_C said...

I got a new look at the dog and he looks healthy. The awards look nice and shiney. Quite an
acheivement. Way to go!!! Glad Garry is feeling better.