Monday, February 25, 2008

Tuesday morning! Another week gone by... or more! We have had a wonderful visit with our coordinator from McNeal as well as with our flight personnel team here! It's been good to get together and talk about things as well as just enjoy being together!

Garry's trip to Mindanao did work out and they were able to accomplish most of what they went to do. The one thing that they were not able to do was the planned survey flight-- on the day of the flight the area was covered in fog and rain. However, it was a profitable and enjoyable time for Garry and Paul!

This morning Garry got a call from the people at the Philippine aviation department to let him know that he needs to return to Manila for his flight medical. One of his tests is not satisfactory and he also needs to sign some papers. He had flights planned for the next two days, but he is going to combine them tomorrow. And we'll head to Manila on Thursday morning... we're not totally sure if we'll all go or if just Garry will. We're asking God to work out the details and we'll see what He has in mind!

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edmar said...

missed you. glad you're back