Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thursday noon! Garry is almost back from his flight and the boys are finished with school for the day! Yahoo... it's a good feeling to have the busy morning nearly behind us. We usually start our mornings with reading aloud, then breakfast and Bible memory. When we're about half done with school we take a quick break and the boys are usually "starving", so we have a quick snack. Snack time is a great time to make sure things are going OK for my helper and explain anything she doesn't understand about cooking or cleaning.

This afternoon promises to be a bit slower. I plan finish a list of e-mails that need written and have coffee with a friend. The boys have badminton class today, but it's been moved to a court close to our house, which is a huge blessing! Garry will clean up the airplane and finish his paperwork before heading home later this afternoon. He also needs to get some things in order to get his flight medical next week.

Neva arrived in town last evening and is back here working at our house. The bedrooms look much better after having been dusted and we're getting food ready for Garry's trip that's to begin next Monday. He will have to take most of his food with him since he won't be able to eat meals served in our guest homes or at restaurants... quite a big change, getting off gluten, eggs, & soy!

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