Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good afternoon! There's another typhoon going through and we're enjoying the rain it's brought us. I trust it isn't causing heartache elsewhere.

Kevin and Kaleb are jumping on the trampoline. I got on there yesterday and decided it's not for me.... I'm not sure if it's age or not, but I found myself getting more airborne that I felt comfortable with, regardless of the fact that Kevin says my jumps can be measured in mere inches.

Work on the airplane is going slowly but surely ahead. Today the guys are busy weighing the planes. That's always an interesting process, and I really should be out there taking pictures, come to think of it! They borrowed a scale, but since it is only one scale they have to weigh at each wheel, which is quite a job.

I had a nice chat with Suzy this morning. She was working on some bookwork and had a few questions, so we took the opportunity to catch up a bit. It was good to hear what's happening on Palawan and made me miss home just a bit.

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