Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good afternoon! This morning Garry was able to do the first test flight on the C185! We are thrilled to be passing this point in the process of getting the airplane back to Palawan. He took the airplane to an SIL location close to here. He, Steve, and Jason are making a few minor adjustments this afternoon. Then he'll go flying one more time to make sure that everything looks good. If it does, we'll turn in the next batch of paperwork and wait for it to come back so we can take the airplane back to Palawan with us!

If the C180 papers come through, Garry plans to fly it early next week. He'll do a test flight and make the needed adjustments then park the airplane at the SIL base until a convenient time to take it to Palawan. Meantime we'll turn in the last set of airworthiness paperwork so it will be ready to go when we are ready to take it to Palawan.

The boys are enjoying shooting their pellet guns, jumping on the trampoline, and doing some new badminton training exercises they learned in Manila. We also did school today, which provided another kind of enjoyment!

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