Friday, July 11, 2008

Here is where Garry is working-- it's beautiful, as you can see! The front of the hangar is open so the guys often push the airplane out front... actually, they probably push it out to run it up, not just to enjoy the scenery! But it is pretty.

Yesterday we got word that our paperwork is delayed a bit, so we won't go to Manila on Monday as we had planned. I think there is some other work that needs done on the airplanes sooner or later, so the guys will work on that first and we'll go to Manila later in the week.

Kevin and Kaleb are playing frisbee right now, and I think I need to go join them, so I'll keep this short! Actually, my internet connection does that for me-- it always kicks me off! this time I hope to beat it-- leave it before it leaves me!

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