Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Packing again! Sometimes I get ever so tired of suitcases... the packing, unpacking, storing, sorting. The blessing of leaving the guest house is that everything that belongs to us goes with us. I'm washing clothes and hoping they get dry before it's time to put them in the suitcase. I'm so thankful for the dryer here, but the boys sports clothes can't go in there, so they're on the line!

I thought you might enjoy this video of the boys playing singles last evening. I have one of Kevin in the tournament-- I didn't get Kaleb in the tournament-- that I'll try to upload later.

Garry and Kevin went to town to get some boxes for the food we purchased the other day, and my plan was to accomplish some packing while they're gone. Then I decided that I should blog while they're gone... now I really should get to packing. I thought earlier that I was getting the flu, but I feel a little better now, due to a rest or maybe lots of Tylenol. We'll see what happens:).

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