Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We arrived back in northern Luzon just after noon today! We really enjoyed the trip. Although it's only about 270 km, it takes just over 6 hours to drive it. Our favorite part was the 80 km of freeway, complete with some chain restaurants and gas stations. Vicky, a friend of ours, rode with us and she said maybe we mostly like stopping... which may be true!

I've been getting unpacked and Garry is making final preparations for the return-to-service flight planned for first thing tomorrow morning (Thursday evening for most of you). We're looking forward to seeing how the airplane flies and taking care of any problems so we can fly it home when the work here is done!

I thought I'd share this photo of Steve and Ja, one of our partner couples. Their job is all the non-technical administration of the program, which is a huge thing! With more new families coming and us beginning to prepare to move to Mindanao we need this help more than ever. Steve and Ja have been such a blessing to us!

Well, my connection time is about up, so I'll close so I can post this before I get cut off!

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