Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wow, many days have passed and a lot has happened since I was here last. My goal is to blog 3 times this coming week-- hold me to it!

Steve, Jason, and Garry weighed the second airplane the day after my last post, then spent Friday and Saturday finishing up the paperwork on both planes. We came to Manila last Sunday and Garry began making his rounds at government aviation offices. The aviation department is changing names and getting re-organized these days so things have not been moving very quickly.

However, last Wednesday Garry was issued a permit to fly both of the airplanes so that they can proceed with the work to get them airworthy. He was also able to turn in paperwork requesting a type-rating to fly a Cessna 180, which is very similar to the Cessna 185 that we usually fly. We are asking God to bring this paperwork through quickly so that we can proceed with the work on both airplanes.

We've also been reminded this week that God cares about even the small details of our lives. The boys have been wanting to join a badminton tournament, which looked highly unlikely with the way things have been going. However, yesterday they played in a tournament that included many of the highest-ranked junior players in the Philippines! The competition was pretty stiff, but the boys enjoyed themselves immensely! I'll try to post some photos and maybe a video of that later this week.

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