Sunday, November 09, 2008

The days are passing quickly with sorting, packing, and trying to finish things that we need to do before we leave here in about 3 weeks. Wow, time flies!

The boys did finish their school last week, completing their assigned work for the semester. It really is a great feeling to be done for now and we celebrated by going out to a little restaurant in town! Now the books are all packed away or given away and we're officially on our semester break.

One morning last week Kody, our dog, accompanied us on a visit to Ben and Suzy's. She was pretty excited to get in the truck and responded to every dog we passed on the way. She is going to stay with them while we are gone, so we wanted to be sure Tanya, their dog, and Kody would get along before we made final plans that way. We adults had a short business meeting and enjoyed Suzy's blueberry strudel. The younger kids enjoyed playing together. Kevin didn't get to join in the fun as he was busy doing school.

Ben is flying today and tomorrow, getting missionaries and their supplies back into their remote locations. When he finishes his flight tomorrow he and Garry will begin work on the annual. It shouldn't be a big job this year, though the paperwork always takes some time.

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