Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good morning! It continues to rain almost non-stop here and the clotheslines are getting very, very full. Everything is wet. In fact, Monday evening we discovered that the boys walls were nearly covered in mold. This happened incredibly quickly as Kevin's allergies alert us to mold and mildew in their room. We wiped the walls down, but the added moisture of wiping them made it impossible for Kevin to sleep in his room. So, being friendly brothers both boys brought their mattresses into our room for the night. We're thankful that we were able to clean the room sufficiently for them to move back in yesterday!

Both Kevin and Kaleb have had colds lately. This one seems to take a long time to get over-- Kevin's been feeling rather down for over 3 weeks now. Every time we think he's better he gets hit again. This morning he woke up sounding terrible, but went to the hangar to help Garry anyway. Soon they should be home for lunch and I'll hear the rest of the story!

Garry, Ben, and Kevin are working on the annual this morning. They hope to finish inspecting in a few days and then move on to the paperwork. This is the first time Ben's been involved in annual paperwork here in the Philippines so they're planning some extra time for him to learn the process.

We got a neat message from our church this morning. People have been contacting the deacons to find out what we'll need when we get home. Since we don't have anything stored in Canada and need to set up housekeeping for our 8 months there we were pretty excited to hear that!

For my part I've been busy sorting and packing. In between times I continue to cook, clean, and generally take care of things on the homefront. I think I'll be quite happy to have the moving process finished!

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