Monday, November 03, 2008

Saturday was another fun day! We spent the day with Galangs at the Underground River-- the longest underground river in the world! We went with Filipino friends, which made it extra fun! In fact, these are the same people we did baking with last week.

We drove about 3 hours north and across the island, then had a picnic at the town of Sabang. Jo had brought hotdogs, rice, watermelon, mango, and pork adobo. I took some taco soup and honey bars and we both brought some snack kinds of food. The older kids played Uno (a new game to this family!) and the adults and younger boys walked on the beach or sat by the ocean.

Then we took a boat about 20 minutes to the mouth of the underground river. From there we took a smaller boat into the river itself and enjoyed a guided tour.

The river itself was amazing! The cave is amazingly beautiful and diverse. We only went just over a kilometer down the river, but the total length is 8 km. The ceilings were sometimes high and sometimes low. Overall it was an incredible reminder of the creativity of the God we serve!

This week is off to a quick start. The boys are trying to finish their last week of school and are quite enthusiastic about their assignments-- or should I say finishing their assignments?! Garry and Ben are fixing some little things on the airplane in preparation for several flights later this week.

Yesterday Garry and I did some running around town and doing errands. I never cease to be amazed at how long life takes here! Even little things can eat up enormous amounts of time! One thing we did was get fresh milk from the farm. They are still only milking one cow, so the supply is quite limited!

Hope your week is starting out well-- enjoy the journey!

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