Friday, October 31, 2008

On Monday we were able to do something we've been trying to arrange for quite some time-- spend the afternoon with some Filipino friends. Jo and Ferdie and their kids have become friends through our time at the badminton court. Jo loves to cook and has been wanting to learn to make some American baked goods. It seems time just keeps passing and it doesn't happen.

In light of the fact that we only have a few more weeks in Palawan we decided we'd better do it now! Their older girls who are in college in Manila are home for the week and they were excited to join us in the kitchen also.

So, we had a great afternoon making cinnamon rolls, sweet bread, and crazy cake.

When we'd almost finished with the cooking Jo told me she wanted us to stay for mid-afternoon snack (at 4:30). In my mind the food we'd just made was lots to eat. But then they started getting out what they'd planned. Before they were finished we had juice, coffee, spaghetti, burritos, watermelon, mango, and the sweets. It wasn't supper to them because it didn't include rice.... but it did make me think people could be sorely disappointed if they came to our place for a snack! Anyway, we didn't need supper that evening.

The cylinder was released from customs yesterday and arrived here late yesterday afternoon. Garry & Ben spent the day installing it. In fact, they'll need to put some hours in this weekend to get the airplane ready to fly on Monday.

Belle finally got out of the hospital yesterday, though Abby is still confined until she finishes her antibiotics.

This morning I was once more surprised by a text from Jhean. Her mother had told her she had to come home for All-Saints day. Since home is about 7 hours from here she left this morning and won't be back until Monday. My Filipino friends say I didn't handle it quite right... I give my helper too much freedom to come and go, apparently. Which may be true since she seems to be missing nearly half the time.

This afternoon I made another batch of quasi-Korean kimchi. Garry and I have been eating it because it's supposed to be healing to the digestive tract and we're acquiring a taste for it. Kevin and Kaleb were a great help as we did laundry and prepared food for a possible trip to the underground river tomorrow. When they had spare time they headed for the court to watch their friends play badminton in the city meet.


Jennifer said...

How fun that you had a cooking day! Why am I not suprised that they made spaghetti! Was it as sweet at the cinnamon rolls?

Garry & Cynthia Barkman said...

actually they spaghetti was surprisingly NOT sweet. A bit sweet, but not nasty. and had real beef in it. you impressed?!

it was really fun.