Monday, October 20, 2008

Good morning! How's your week starting? Here things are going abnormally normally.... Jhean came to work about 2 hours late yesterday and had to leave just an hour later. Apparently when she thought she was finished with her court case it wasn't so. She didn't come back yesterday and then texted last evening that she won't be here today either. She looked pretty worried when she left yesterday... maybe I'll get the rest of the story tomorrow if she comes to work! Her life is pretty hard right now with a million family obligations and this court case. It's obviously affecting life at our house also as we count on her to do many little things required by life in the Philippines!

The cylinder for the airplane engine arrived in the Philippines in record time-- just 4 days from when it was sent! However, it was randomly pulled in a customs study and is still in Manila waiting to be cleared. It sounds like we'll have to pay a hefty duty on it, but hopefully it will arrive here today or tomorrow.

Ben should be headed this way with the airplane from Northern Luzon today also. We'll be glad to have it here, securely hangared with our other airplane. We were planning some avionics work at the end of next month but found out this morning that it isn't going to be possible. God has a different plan!

Kevin and Kaleb are making tracks in their school and learning lots! They are excited to finished the semester and then have some time off while we travel and get settled in Canada. In fact, I think I'll be as glad as they are for our school break!

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