Thursday, October 09, 2008

Good afternoon! It's pouring rain here this afternoon and I'm enjoying the extra coolness. The yard is flooding a bit, but I think it will drain when the rain slows down. Garry and Ben are making good progress on the airplane and hope to get the propeller on this afternoon.

This morning I decided to make some gluten-free bread, something I haven't done for a while. Garry was reacting to one of the ingredients and I'm not sure which one. However, I came up with a plan and decided to make bread today. When I looked in my cupboard for xanthum gum I realized it was missing-- yet another thing that "disappeared" between northern Luzon and here! I'd already come up with a rather long list of missing things, all things that we'd purchased in Manila because they are either much cheaper there or aren't available here in Puerto. I could hardly believe there was something else missing!

At noon the boys and I took lunch to the hangar and spent some time with Garry. Suzy and the kids weren't able to join us because the kids are sick. I know how hard it is when little ones are sick and I'm praying this afternoon that they are soon better!

After lunch I told Garry about the xanthum gum and we decided to look for the missing box-- again! We were headed toward a large pile of stuff when I saw a stove in the corner of the hangar, "Did you check in the stove, Gar?" I asked. He said he hadn't and we looked inside. There were two boxes with our name on them! We were thrilled! The stuff isn't that big of deal, we can live without it. But what a blessing to find it!

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