Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Thursday afternoon here now and the boys are training for badminton. Garry headed off to the eye doctor this afternoon and hopes he can get things done there quickly... we'll see! The cylinder is still in Manila... Garry has spent hours on the phone with FedEx and the customs broker, trying to understand what they need to finish the process. It seems we keep finding things out in small steps-- send one thing today, send another tomorrow. Please pray with us that it will be released soon!

Since I last wrote we were also able to go see Belle's new house. She and her family continue to build as they are able, though they are already living there without running water or anything but dirt floors. It is very cool there as it is a bit outside of town, which is a benefit. It was fun to catch up with Belle a bit again. Today she texted that the doctor says she needs an emergency C-section because of a problem with the placenta. Pray that it all works out well for her and the baby!

The boys have been doing a lot of bike riding this week. And after riding they seem to spend a fair amount of time fixing. Kaleb's tire popped the other day, then today Kevin said his spokes are bent. It's a great learning experience, though!

Kevin and Kaleb helped me make tapioca pudding this afternoon-- a friend game me some dry tapioca and I was excited to try it. It's been years since I've made it, or even thought about it. So that was a fun thing to do together.

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