Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I realized last night that if things go according to plan we'll be moving out of our house in about 8 weeks. That feels very soon!

This week I've been going through our files and throwing away anything that we don't need. Many things are now available on the net, which really cuts down on the need to save papers-- a huge blessing! We will be shipping our things to Mindanao so we are trying to really minimize what we take. That will save money on shipping... plus, I think that the less stuff we have the more simple life is, which is always good!

Garry and Ben were able to hang the engine and begin connecting the tubes and wires yesterday. Or maybe they aren't tubes and wires, but there are a LOT of things that connect to the engine of an airplane! Suzy and I are contemplating taking lunch out there again tomorrow.

The boys have another badminton tournament this weekend, probably their last before we leave. They've been busy practicing with their partners and honing their skills. In between times we're getting school done and yesterday they played some basketball with other friends.

Jhean's situation is still a bit of an unknown, though things appear to settling down for her.

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