Saturday, October 04, 2008

Friday we had a great time doing lunch at the hangar! It was fun to be together as families and watch the kids play together. Kaleb's paper airplanes got stuck in the rafters, which are about 20 feet high, much to our amazement. Then several of us joined him in trying to get them down with wads of paper. It actually worked after a while!

The engine mount is now painted and Garry and Ben hope to hang the new engine on Monday. The plane looks pretty funny without it! While Kevin was waiting for us ladies to finish talking he made himself a new fishhook. It looks pretty cool!

After our time at the hangar we went looking for a pair of socks for Kevin, which we were able to find. Then he had badminton training for a couple of hours. I'd made some Brazilian-style beans the other day and I was quite happy to find them in the fridge to make an easy supper... there's something about Friday evening at 5:00 pm not knowing what to put on the table that makes me feel cranky!

This morning we did some running around in town and the guys got haircuts. The whole barber shop/beauty salon experience is quite different here. For less than a dollar you get a haircut and a little "head massage". Now the guys are in town picking up some shoes we had fixed this morning. It continues to amaze us that all of the shoes that we brought to the Philippines with us have lost their soles at one time or another. I guess the glue isn't quite the same or something!

Jhean is back at our house working today. She carefully explained her current situation to me in perfect Tagalog, which I totally didn't understand! I think I'll either go to the lawyer with her on Monday or talk to her aunt who speaks a bit of English. I believe that things are going to be settled out of court after all. Keep praying!

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