Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good afternoon! It's been a cool day here due to yet another long rainstorm. I enjoy the coolness, but I could use some sunshine! Actually we had enough sun yesterday to empty the clotheslines so that was a huge blessing!

Last evening we sorted Kaleb's art-- his pictures he's drawn and painted. It was fun to look through his creations and see how he's developed in the last years (no, he hasn't been good at throwing things away throughout our time here!). Kevin has also done some neat art, but he doesn't have the same passion for it that Kaleb does.

Today Kevin has been busy about a million things. We had a young guy come help in the yard and shop and he and Kevin did a lot of work in one short day! Kaleb pitched in with some sorting and burning papers also!

The annual is going well. In fact, I think the guys are hoping to finish this afternoon since Ben is flying tomorrow. They'll still have the paperwork left to do, but hopefully the work on the airplane itself will be done!

and yes, the photos are pretty random these days!

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