Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday Keith and Simon stopped by to pick up some stuff and took a quick look at Kevin's garden. These men are helping local people learn to garden organically among other things. They've both been such a blessing to us and Kevin in teaching him many things about gardening!

This weekend I've been thinking a bit about little things I'll be glad for when we arrive in Canada... not watching small lizards run out of my sink, no mosquitos under the table when we eat dinner, the ability to actually speak English freely with nearly anyone you meet, frozen vegetables, fresh milk, good product labelling (I hope!), and lots of other little things. Insignificant things, really. But things that cost time and energy in our everyday lives.

Of course, there are also things I'll miss when we go-- small things that nonetheless make our lives easier or more enjoyable.... fruit shakes for a reasonable price at nearly every restaurant, living in our own home with our own things, fresh mangos, househelp, great deals on text messaging, warm weather, and lots of other little things. Every goodbye has a hello waiting on the other end, and every loss is gain!

One of the things Garry wanted to do before we leave Puerto is paint his toolbox or have it painted. He found a shop in town that looks pretty good and was able to take it in on Friday. The people there were helpful and we're hopeful that it will turn out well!

This weekend we all came down with colds, so this morning we're all moving a bit slowly. Actually, Garry went to the hangar early so he may be going at his normal rate as he didn't seem to be hit quite as hard as the other 3 of us. He's getting a computer set up for the program today and hoping to get the annual paperwork passed on to Ben.

We trust that your week is starting well and that is a week of enjoying life where you are. We certainly intend to savor the good things here in the weeks we have left!

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