Sunday, January 29, 2012

I just checked my blog and couldn't believe it's been a whole week since I posted... then I realized it's Monday morning, not Saturday!

The plantation that hosts our flight program in Mindanao has asked Garry to do a maintenance seminar in another city, so we're on the road again. Being away from home and taking a week off school makes it feel like a weekend-- a LONG weekend! Garry is working, but the boys and I plan to take some time to have fun: hanging out at the pool, checking out the mall, and just doing a bit of nothing.

A friend recommended a book to me last week, and I've been enjoying "Who Switched Off My Brain?" It's a fascinating look at how our thoughts control our emotions and physical bodies. As we enter yet a another phase of change, it's encouraging to see the truth of the Bible backed up by science.

The cold that attacked Garry and Kaleb on Friday has now decided to stalk me. The fact that they're both feeling a bit better already gives me hope that I can win this battle!

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