Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monday, and the road goes on. Kevin got a wisdom tooth extracted on Friday and he's been rather quiet since then. He can't talk much and can't do much moving around at all. It's nice to have him around the house more since he can't train or ride his bike. But I do feel sorry for him with his swollen face and not being able to eat much. Today is better than yesterday, so hopefully he's on the road to healing!

I think it's almost as hard for Kaleb as it is for Kevin, this healing process. Kaleb doesn't have anybody to do fun stuff with, and he is getting a percentage of the chores Kevin can't do. All in all, this is a family affair!

Garry spent the better part of the day in the office and then had coffee with a friend this afternoon. After school I went to Missy's to do bookkeeping for a while-- and came home with a nice bag of treats. They were generous enough to share some candy from home with us, which the boys are already enjoying.

When I got home I made some hamburger quiche for supper, and now I'm vegging in my chair while it bakes:).

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