Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Despite the interesting start to our little anniversary get away, it was a great time! This was at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, where we enjoyed a quiet supper. The boys had a ton of fun while we were gone, watching movies, playing video games, and riding their bikes.

We spent New Year's Eve with friends... in fact, this is 3 years in a row that we've spent the 31rst with them, which definitely makes it a tradition! We never actually make it quite til midnight, but we enjoy a bonfire, hotdogs, popcorn, and fireworks in the evening.

This morning Garry left for field conference. He took a bus to the city, which worked out quite well. We went to the terminal, and the bus driver said they weren't picking up anyone. So we drove down the street, and when Garry flagged the bus down, they stopped and picked him up. Figure that one out! Anyway, he got on and is now in the city getting a little dental work done before he heads to Manila tomorrow.

Our Christmas photos are still buried somewhere on my computer.... oh, to be a techie!


The Røsviks said...

We had the exact thing happen at a bus terminal up north...just had to shrug our shoulders and laugh. :-) Happy New Year to you guys!

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

too funny! I wonder what the deal is with that... they pay a fee to the terminal for passengers they pick up there or what?!

merly said...

Dios te ebndiga amiga que bueno encontrarte por este medio, tenia muchas ganas de saber de ustedes y doy gracias a Dios que hoy me permite saber de ustedes, tambien envie un email a mi hermano Garry por favor escribanme, saludos y muchos abrazos a todos. Bendiciones

merly said...

amiga soy Amarelys la esposa de LEO