Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wednesday afternoon and I'm back in the office, for a little while, anyway. I love the routine of doing school every day, but sometimes it feels like there isn't much time left after school for doing other things, like blogging. Or exercising. Or getting together with friends. Then I am reminded again that these days of schooling our boys are quickly coming to an end.

Garry got home just before 11 pm on Saturday. They had a remarkably quick trip considering the road and weather. He's been trying to catch up on some office stuff, then this morning he went to the airport to do some flying with Joel, who is getting ready for a possible medical flight tomorrow.

The boys always tell me how beautiful it is where they go biking and running, and this week they took some photos to prove it. You can't really appreciate the whole view with these little photos, but it is amazing. Now, maybe I'll just have to go riding to see it in real life.

Yesterday my friend Nancy came for coffee and brought cookies and cups with her! She texted me her plan and I was pretty curious as to what it was all about. She brought me some really cute little coffee-themed cups and saucers. Then this morning Missy sent me some biscotti. I am blessed.

I'm sitting here listening to some of my favorite Spanish music, being blessed again by the reminders of how blessed we are to be children of the Most High. God's favor rests on us!


us5 said...

how's Kevin's mom?

a cup of coffee with a friend sounds very nice about now. :) so glad God gave you that gift this week.

Garry and Cynthia Barkman said...

Thanks! I really enjoyed it! Hope your week is going well... you getting back into your school routine?

us5 said...

yes, finally this week! last week the girls jumped back in, but after a Monday morning of school, Michael came down with some strange tropical fever, and was sick through Friday. :( not a very productive week for him, i'm afraid! :lol: