Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mondays are sometimes hard days... but I woke up this morning feeling quite cheery about a new week. A new week to proclaim God's love and goodness. A new week to get school done. A new week to attack some of the projects I've got going on at home. It's a rather nice way to start a week! Now, if I could just have this feeling every day... but faith walks on promises, not feelings....

Kevin has been researching business opportunities when he isn't playing badminton, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or eating. He's coming up with some pretty cool ideas. It's really fun to see him growing up, taking more responsibility, thinking through new things. A friend was just in Manila and took this photo of a jeepney. Made me smile:). Thanks, Anja!

Kaleb is into photography of any and every sort lately, making videos with friends, creating video animation, researching camera angles and special effects. This is from one of his animations of a building blowing up-- who knew cotton was key to animation?

Yesterday we listened to a sermon from home, enjoying the message as well as a taste of home. I've been thinking lately how home, for us, is a sense of belonging, of things being familiar. As we've moved between countries and communities, we've picked up things from each of them. We love our Venezuelan arepas and glop and Paraguayan yerba and chipa. Some mornings when we walk the we can smell the pine trees, and it feels comfortingly like Manitoba. The list is rather long, because we've been blessed by various things in each place we've lived, encouraged by various things in each community we've become a part of.

Yesterday we also listened to a song by MercyMe, "This Life" and I love the line that says "This is not my home, not my space... can't get comfortable, can't get settled in". Check it out:). It's a beautiful song about how this world is not our home, we shouldn't settle for less than heaven, and we won't be there until we get there: in the meantime this life is an opportunity to shine, to make Jesus known!


us5 said...

love the new format! ♥ sermons from our home church are my life-line some days. i'm SO thankful for on-line options like that!!!

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