Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I need a nice cup of brew about now... it's been a crazy day for some reason. At least my week started out calmly!

Kevin and Kaleb both started piano lessons this semester, and the teacher comes to our house for lessons. The teacher asks for a minimum of two lessons per week, preferably three. Wow, I've never heard of that! If you have, message me and tell me, cause it's a new one to me, but we've never done music lessons before either. Dyndee is an incredible teacher, so whatever.

We had a great chat with our missions committee from our home church this morning. It's encouraging to touch base with them, to know people at home are praying for us and actually know what's happening with us these days. Three cheers for a great team! Thank you, each of you who are part of our team, our lives!

I was thinking that this blog has evolved into more family news and less ministry news in so many ways... I suppose it's part of training people. Our interactions simply take on a different flavor and intensity, and most of them are not the same kind of "shareable" as the more hands-on flying and maintenance we've done most of our lives. I'll have to ponder that...

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