Monday, June 02, 2008

Good afternoon! Garry is doing some more flying with Ben today and Suzy was here learning the ropes of radio flight following. It was fun to catch up a bit:).

Jason and Jonie head back to Manila today-- it's been great having them here! We look forward to meeting up with them in northern Luzon later this month or next. They'll be working on one of our airplanes along with a couple who's coming from Arizona and our co-workers that live in northern Luzon.

Kevin and Kaleb are enjoying having friends over today. Isaac and Kevin have been busy playing games and talking about boy stuff. Kaleb and Abby have done any number of things already-- from raiding the jelly beans to shooting catapults and flying paper airplanes. Having someone their own age around is a rare treat indeed!

The guys are headed this way already, having accomplished the purpose of their flight. However they're still a long way from home, so when they land next time I'll get some lunch on the table for the kids and grab a plate for myself.

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