Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are in the huge city of Manila these days, enjoying some coffee at Starbucks and meeting friends. We are incredibly blessed to be staying in an apartment at our mission guesthome! We have some space to cook here and the hostess has been so helpful with Garry's special food needs.

We were glad to be able to see Paul and Pat, our friends and bosses from McNeal, for a few days. We've had some great meetings with our flight program team and field leadership as well. I really should take some pictures of this city... or get some from a friend!

The boys' coach really encouraged them to play some badminton here so they could get more exposure to other players. We played the other evening for a few hours and are planning on another few games tonight.

The plan is to head north tomorrow. Garry and the other guys will be working from this hangar, getting 2 airplanes flying again. The aircraft have been in northern Luzon for quite some time, but since our location there is closing down we need to move them. The current plan is to fly both aircraft to Palawan for storage until we need them.

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