Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good afternoon! How's your day going... or maybe it's just beginning? It's sunny and warm here in Palawan, rather the norm for this time of year. Garry's been working in the office and is making huge progress on several projects that he needs to finish before we head to Manila next week.

Here are a few more shots of Kaleb's birthday and us enjoying a game of Settlers with Dave.

Kevin is doing a great job of school, despite many interruptions. Kaleb's also getting some studying done, though he needs a bit more help from me! We spent several hours this morning at Suzy's house, enjoying the crackle of her radio.... actually it wasn't so much fun listening to the static. However, her radio wasn't receiving very well and Garry was able to stop by and do something that made it much better!

Suzy and I also worked on flight billing... lots to think about when passing things on! Kaleb and Ty were busy flying paper airplanes and Ellie was busy with the things a 1-year-old gets into. The boys and I enjoyed a great lunch over at her house... fun to eat someone else's food sometimes!

Kevin is hoping to enter a badminton tournament this weekend, so I think we're planning to play for a short while again this evening. The exercise is really so good for all of us!

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