Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kevin trying to wake up... ever have a day like this? It just isn't fun to try to get moving while your brain is still sleeping!

Garry and I started the day with a long walk around the track in town. We love walking as it's such a great time to talk about what's going on and what God is doing in our lives. This morning we were talking about faith and how often we must choose to believe God's truth or we don't reap the benefit of it. These days we as a flight program are facing some big decisions... and we believe that God wants to communicate with us even more than we want to hear from Him. So we walk confidently ahead, trusting Him to reveal His plans step by step. What a great place to be!

We've had a great day doing some projects around the house and catching up on a few things. Tomorrow we expect a friend from Canada. Dave has been in Manila for a week and is coming to visit us here in Palawan for a few days. It will be good to catch up with him and with what's going on at our New Tribes headquarters in Canada!

The girls have been busy preparing food and getting the house cleaned. It seems the dust is endless some days! There's a big festival in town and they had the day off yesterday, so today has been busy for them. (Neva is on the left, Jhean on the right.)

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