Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wow, days are passing more quickly than I can get to blogging. Actually, I've been somewhat busy trying to set up Facebook, so I've been using more of my computer time doing that. Plus, life has just been interesting lately!

Kaleb turned 9 this weekend! We all enjoyed his birthday, giving him gifts and inviting our friends over for cake. I'll post a couple of pictures of his special day today and a few more tomorrow, I think.

We had a good time with Dave. It was neat to hear what God is doing at NTM of Canada. We also enjoyed breakfast out on Monday and a game of Settlers of Catan. Dave's passion for leadership and encouraging people was evident and we were thankful he took the time to come to Palawan to visit:).

Ben and Suzy are officially in charge of the Palawan flight program now! Ben is doing all the flying this week, and Suzy is manning the radio. Tomorrow I plan to head to her house to spend a little more time with her on the radio and also do the flight billing. They're doing a great job and we feel good about leaving things in their hands when we head to Luzon next week!

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