Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Tuesday! I'm at a nice little coffee shop trying to catch up with myself.... or maybe it's my list of things to do I'm trying to catch up with!

At any rate, I'm here. Kevin and Kaleb took some fun photos of transportation methods last time we were in Cagayan.... I'll have to post them little by little so you can enjoy the journey with us! So, in typical missionary manner, here is a photo I don't know if you can see: there are both cows and pigs int he back of this truck. And people sitting on the top. Way to go!

Garry is getting things organized, if time on the phone is any indication. It truly is amazing how many hours he has to spend on the phone every day. And when he's not on the phone, we enjoy our drives and walks!

Kevin has been busy writing lately. If you're interested in checking out his thoughts, follow the link for lifemk on the right side of this page. From his blog you can also follow a link to his recent poems and stories.

Kaleb has made himself a puppet and is working on his second. He was planning a puppet show, but he says he can't quite figure out a good plot, so the idea is on hold. In the meantime he's making flying models of airplanes out of balsa wood and crepe paper.

So, those are my lame thoughts today... pretty basic and boring....

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The Røsviks said...

Not lame or boring at all! Hope you enjoyed the quiet of the coffee shop. :-)