Monday, September 20, 2010

I would post about our lovely adventures at the longest dual zip line in Asia, but I haven't downloaded my pictures yet. So....

This week is just beginning, and I love it. I love new beginnings. A clean slate for school. A clean room. An empty screen to fill. A new checklist that is starting out all even-- nothing to catch up on. A new menu with no corrections yet. A new letter to write! I think that this is what God offers us every moment-- a new start. A new beginning to follow Him, love Him, seek Him. And when we choose to do so, He is honored.

This computer is no longer new, but it keeps doing new things. The latest is "losing" my photos somehow. I see them when I open iPhoto, but when I go to post them, only photos from several weeks ago show up. If you know how to remedy this, please tell me! (Yeah, this is an old photo.)

Garry and the other pilots have decided to change the prop in the remote location and then fly the airplane to our home base for the engine change. Now he is working on timing and getting everything in order to make it happen.

Last evening we had supper at the guesthome. The ladies there prepared pizza and many of us shared the time together. It was good to catch up with people, good to chat and hear what is going on in others' lives.

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