Thursday, September 02, 2010

The helicopter for Northern Luzon has been loaded in a container and is scheduled to leave the U.S. port September 8th! We are so excited that God has provided for this and will continue to provide for the expenses of getting it operational here in the Philippines!
In the same container are the prop and engine we need to get our C185 back in the air again. We will all be happy to see that container arrive and be released from customs!

Since my last blog the "comedy of errors" has continued... when the boys names were eventually added to the tournament list Kaleb's was in the wrong category, there weren't enough shirts for everyone in the tournament, Kevin only got 1 game instead of 3 in his category, I lost my cell phone, my helper locked herself out of the house so she couldn't clean before we got home and the vegetables for the week were out of the fridge for the weekend....

Yes, it feels a bit chaotic. But we got started back to school this week and the boys are both doing an excellent job. Garry is getting things arranged for when the parts arrive as well as thinking through a lot of things in relation to the flight program. And just yesterday we put out our garbage and they actually collected it this week!

We got an e-mail from some friends this week that talked about the airplane being down right now and how it feels like an inconvenience, but it is something God is using for GOOD. Because the airplane is down they drove to a nearby town on their motorcycle where some tribal friends were in the hospital, praying that someone would come help them. Wow, God! If the airplane had been available they would have flown and missed this opportunity to minister to this family who is learning so much about God and His love.


The Røsviks said...

Always love reading your blog, Cynthia! And we're very excited that the helicopter will soon be on its way to N Luzon!! Sending love from the far north... :-)

Kevin said...

wow i did not know the heli was getting loaded already. thats cool