Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Since I never posted the photos I took a long time ago when the guys were working on the car, they're going on today's post. It works. I hope!

Garry had his check ride yesterday and it went really smoothly. This morning he did some flying with Ben and now I think they're putting together a box to ship the prop in. (The prop won't be shipped until next week, but they want to put the box together so everything is ready.) Tomorrow he plans to do some flying with Josh. It sounds like he's having a profitable time there, which is great.

It's Wednesday already, and I've actually gotten some sleep the past couple of nights, which is quite something when Garry's gone. The boys are doing great with school. Kevin has some kind of knee injury at the moment, so we haven't been playing badminton lately, which is usually Kevin's entertainment of choice. It means we've had more time to read together.

Kaleb built a zip line across the living room yesterday, which I never did quite understand the point of... the idea came from a book of science experiments. He also made soap for bubbles and was experimenting with how to get the biggest ones. It looked like so much fun I thought we should send some home with our helper. She texted me yesterday evening and said her kids loved the bubbles... I don't think they've ever done that before.

Last evening I was reading Psalms and was struck again by how life doesn't really change... we as people always have a choice to turn to God and there are always good things and bad things about life. We all make some good choices and some bad choices. God is worthy of all honor and praise.

For anyone who's interested, I went shopping this morning and survived! I'm hoping to attack my inbox and possibly even empty it today, but it's already 5 pm, so I may not make it.

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