Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So, here's the low-down on Asia's longest dual zip line... It's awesome! We've never done a zip line before, and actually weren't totally sure that we wanted to try it. But, once we got there it looked like tons of fun! Luke and his family had invited us to go with them as a treat for Luke's birthday.
The whole park where the zip line is located is just beautiful. It's a bit in the mountains so it's cool, and everything is
beautifully manicured and well-planned. The first thing, obviously, was to determine if it would be a safe thing to do. The safety precautions were pretty impressive, actually. Then we figured out that we could do all 3 zip lines for about the same cost as doing the longest one... so, Garry and Kevin decided on that option. I decided to just do the shorter line.

The longest line is 840 m and the other two are 150 m and 320 m. First we went on the shorter lines, which you do in a sort of sitting position. You go over a really pretty area and it was neat. The funny thing is that we all ended up going quite a bit of the way facing backwards.

At the bottom of the shorter zip lines was a cool little playground for younger kids and rope course for older kids. We hadn't purchased the rope course, but the kids still wanted to play on the playground for a little while. Soon after we'd all done the short zip lines it started to rain. So we took a break under the roof and waited for the rain to clear. We had just decided to go eat lunch when they said they were resuming operations as it was barely drizzling.

I didn't go on the longest line, so I stayed where we had been with a couple of the kids while Garry and Kevin were loaded on a truck to head up the hill. The ride up was crazy... they said they didn't think the truck would make it at one point!

Once at the top they were harnessed in to a thing that kept them sort of laying down facing forward so they could enjoy the ride on the way down. Kevin said it looked pretty crazy from the top, but it was actually just fun.

After everyone had their turn on the zip line we went for lunch, which was a adventure all its own. We had seen a little restaurant that was named Cowboy something which was really cute. We took the menu from the waitress and asked what they didn't have on hand... only salisbury steak wasn't available. So we chose chicken, pork steak, and hamburgers. About 10 minutes later they told us there wasn't chicken. So we decided maybe the simplest thing would be to just get hamburgers all around. "No problem, ma'am!"

It wasn't 5 minutes before they were back with the information that hamburgers were limited. Ok. We finally ordered the rest of the hamburgers they had on hand and the remainder of it as pork steaks. The restaurant had several little gazebos and we chose one of these to have our lunch in. By the time our food arrived it was pouring rain and we actually got cold.

Yes, it was a great day, a great experience!

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